Cristoffanini is specialised in the maintenance and repair of fire-doors, especially sliding, hinged and revolving fire doors, in metal, wood or glass, according to current regulations

As by Ministerial Decree of March 10, 1998

All doors on the exit routes must be checked regularly to ensure that they open easily, any obstruction must be promptly removed.
All fire-resistant doors must be checked regularly to ensure that there are no damage and that they close properly.
For this reason the minimum periodicity of the controls on a door is six months.

Following verification our technicians will propose to you:
  • Ordinary maintenance for the doors that allow it

  • Extraordinary maintenance for doors requiring extraordinary interventions to be reported in conformity parameters.

  • Replacement of doors for which there are no conditions to be reported to the conformity state
The speed of delivery, the expertise/competence of ourtechnical and commercial staff, courtesy, havealwaysbeen the characteristicsthatdistinguishus


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