Cristoffanini is present on the territory with a team of specialized maintenance technicians to guarantee the correct execution of maintenance interventions and a constant assistance.

Fire extinguisher is certainly the most known and widespread tool for extinguishing fires.
The extinguishers, in relation to the extinguishing agent contained therein, are subdivided into:
  • Water-based fire extinguishers including those with foam

  • Powder extinguishers

  • Carbon dioxide Fire extinguishers (CO2)
Maintenance procedures involve different phases depending on the type and age of the fire extinguisher.
Our maintenance technicians, in carrying out the professional activity, have the task of carrying out the servicing procedures foreseen by the norm UNI 9994-1 and by the legislative regulations in force.
Moreover, thanks to their competence, they are able to communicate in an effective way with the customer and to propose improvement solutions.
The speed of delivery, the expertise/competence of ourtechnical and commercial staff, courtesy, havealwaysbeen the characteristicsthatdistinguishus


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