Cristoffanini specializes in the manufacture and supply of fire hoses. In order to provide a complete service to our customers we have supported the maintenance activities of the components of fire hydrants thanks to a team of competent technicians. This helps to ensure safety and a high quality standard.

The maintenance of the components of the hydrant networks includes checks, tests and pressure and flow test. It is carried out periodically in conformity with the dictates of the current regulations.

The technical standards regulating the maintenance are:
  • Norm UNI EN 671/3

  • Fire-retardant NASPI with semi-rigid piping and wall hydrants with flexible piping

  • Norm UNI 10779

  • Hydrant nets

  • Norm UNI EN 12845

  • Automatic sprinkler systems
The speed of delivery, the expertise/competence of ourtechnical and commercial staff, courtesy, havealwaysbeen the characteristicsthatdistinguishus


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