Cristoffanini is qualified to carry out the proceduresprovided for in the current regulations, for the initial check, periodic monitoring, maintenance and general verification of fixed automatic fire detection systems.

Fire detectors are devices by means of which it is possible to detect the presence of a fire starting. They must be installed and maintained in accordance with the UNI9795 Standard which indicates their design and operational characteristics.

Fire detection plants are widely used in industrial environments, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals and public institutions.
The periodic control is every six months, on this occasion our technicians, using specific technical tools, will verify the whole system, testing all the functions of the system. In case of anomalies, they will promptly perform an ordinary or extraordinary maintenance operation depending on the extent of the malfunction encountered.

Every 10 years must be verified the conformity of the plant against the protected environment and new technologies.
The speed of delivery, the expertise/competence of ourtechnical and commercial staff, courtesy, havealwaysbeen the characteristicsthatdistinguishus


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