Thanks to the experience gained along the years, our Company is able toprovideits customers with several services than the sales activity:


Fire Fighting consultancy
Engineered design ofmarine base and land base firefighting system
Special products research and development
Supply and installation of fire suppression and fire detection systems
Fire prevention and protection activity with Fire Departments (CPI-SCIA)


The widest range of fire and rubber hoses for various applications on the market.


Flexible hoses certified EN 14540 with or without external coating –MED certifiedhoses with or without external coating –AP hoses for fire fighter motor pumps – Hoses according to ENI and AGIP PETROLI 0198 9025.31 types A – B – C and C1 – Hoses in accordance to Fire Fighter Standard (Internal Minister) and UMM 04.03.01 (old UMM 1083) Italian Marina – from Ø mm. 25 to ø mm. 204.

Hoses for conveying drinkable water ARPAL certified (act D.M. 174 dated 6 Apr. 2004).
FOOD YELLOW ø 25 – 45 – 70 - 102
FOOD BLUE Ø 45 - 52 –63/65 – 70 – 102.
Tested by HY (Hygiene-Institut des Ruhrgebiets – D Geselkirken 45879).
FOOD EXPORT Ø 25 – 52 – 75 – 102.

Hoses for technical and industrial use SUPERMECBLACKfrom Ø 19 to Ø356 length up to mt. 500 based on the diameter required..

Rubber and thermoplastic pipes.

Hoses for washing and various uses Me-M Ø 25 to Ø 204 length up to 100 meters based on the diameter required.

Fire extinguishers

Powder –CO ²- halogenated gas - foam – portable from 1 to 12 Kg - trolley from10 to 150 Kg – MEDcertificate –class F for galleys- class D for metals

Fire Fighters equipment

Various types and models of fire nozzle/branchpipes, available with MED approval – couplings and adaptors in stock for prompt delivery for UNI (Italy) – STORZ (Germany – Netherlands – Greece) – DSP/GUILLEMIN (France) – BS 336 and F.E.T.A. (UK) – NOR (Norway) SMS 63 and SMS 32 (Sweden) – SFS (Finland) – BARNA (Spain) – GOST and ROTH (Russia)– NHST or USE PIN (USA)-NAKAJIMA and MACHINO (Japan) systems


Fireman’s outfit aluminized MED. Portable foam applicator type Approved Italian Minister– water applicator 1.5 and 2 mt. - I.M.O. signals-fire prevention labels (signaling and fire labels)- life jackets and lifebuoys for seasafety – axes and ice picks for Fire Fighter – belts and lifelines for Fire Fighter – manual coupling machine– smoke and heat detectors testing equipment-spray tester for smoke detectors-portable detectors for dangerous gases-ultrasonic liquid level indicators for cylinders checking

Foam Compounds

Ready on stock: Fluor protein MED 3% and 6% – AFFF MED 3% and 6% -Universal Fluor protein 3% and 6%-universal AFFF MED 3% and 6%-Synthetic MED 4%-other typologies on request. Low and middle expansion nozzle available also in self inducting type –inline eductors– foam trolleys.

Valves and gate valves

Angle or globo types – with external screw –lug and wafer butterfly valves with or without electric actuation.

Fire Suppression systems

All kind of Sprinkler – wet and dry alarm valves- deluge valves – pre-action valves, etc.
Middle pressure water mist for total flooding and local protection systems.

Fire Fighting motor pumps

Gaseous Fire suppression systems such as CO2, HFC-227 (FM200), Novec1230TM and inert gases of different typologies. Ready on stock main spare parts such as cylinders (Rina and T-PED), quick release valves, flexible hoses for CO2 (Rina), control boxes, manifolds diameter ¾” Rina tested, nozzle, pressure switches, etc. ...
Foam: mixers – pourers - etc.
Powder and twin agent.
Smoke-proof pressurization systems(filters).
Fire and gas detection systems for naval and civil/industrial applications.
As available certified and tested componentsfor naval applications – materials ready on stock.

Fire protection

UNI 45 Hydrants- Hydrants and fire boxes-intumescent collars – coppelle – containing bags –anti flame couplings and panels-intumescent gaskets-fire fighting accessories.

Semi-automatic DAE defibrillator

SAVER ONE AEDs are designed for lay use and guarantee a safe and fast resuscitation.
The speed of delivery, the expertise/COMPETENCE of ourtechnical and commercial staff, courtesy, havealwaysbeen the characteristicsthatdistinguishus.


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